Our name says it all

Welcome to Into the Blue! Canada’s newest Saltwater Ecosystem supplier. Our mission is to revolutionize aquaculture by providing environmentally friendly alternatives to purchasing wild stock so you can create and enjoy your own beautiful saltwater ecosystem. ~ Lyndon & Derrick Jameson
New This Week!

Fish: Achilles Tang

Marine FIsh in All Shapes and Sizes

An abundance of fantastic and funky fish specimens are just a click away. With so many unique species and varieties to choose from, you'll be sure to find something that suits you and your tank. From large to small, fat to skinny, striped to spotted, aggressive to laid-back; the choices are simply limitless. Have a look and see what strikes your fancy.

Invertebrates: Camel Shrimp

Cleaning Crews That'll Make You Proud

From anemones to urchins, we’re your star source for healthy marine invertebrates. As nature's cleaning crew, they eat unwanted algae & excess foodstuffs to naturally keep your ecosystem clean. With a large range of coloration, shapes and varieties they can make any aquarium more interesting and visually appealing. Find out what we've got in-store.

Coral: Frog Spawn Coral

A Bounty of Coral Varieties to Inspire You

It’s corals’ infinite shapes and colors that can paint your tank in it’s most impressive light. They can provide you with some the greatest challenges and rewards that a marine aquarium hobbyist can experience. Designing your own awe-inspiring ocean reef is limited only by your imagination. Explore the plethora of the beautiful options we've got on hand.